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Thread: Roof Rack - Kona / Euro

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    Roof Rack - Kona / Euro

    I'm looking for the ultimate performance mod. for a 2002 SVTF.

    A little googl'ing kicked up this p/n: Kona Focus ZX3 Rack, Ford Part # YS4Z-6155100-AA .

    The rack is not so bad: .

    A little more effort found British American Transfer: . See page 8 of this file: .

    These are almost certainly the same product. My question, as a SVT & Focus Newbie, has to do with the attachment. Has anyone used the Kona rack on an SVT?

    Alternatively, has anyone ordered the Yakima Roof Kit from Ford: P/N YS4Z5455100AA : .

    I have seen the Yakima product advertised as a "complete" kit including locks for less than $250. That's a coup for the towers, clips to match the roof line, short-roof adapter, and locks. The Ford price seems to be ~$330.

    Seems I have sent a lot of kids to college buying Yakima products. I'd like to try something new!


    4/25/2004 Addendum (Late afternoon)

    This afternoon I saw a Kona Focus with the factory roof rack and stopped to have a closer look at the rack. I believe it is made by JAC: .
    The rear of the rack is bolted to the frame/sheet metal in two holes to the outside of the hatchback hinges. On the 2002 SVTF the holes appear to be partly there... prior to final assembly, it appears that at least one piece of sheet metal (on each side) has the hole. Open your hatch and see if there are some circles that look almost like spot welds, but are not in fact. The rack looks clean enough... to me. It does not distract a lot from the appearance of the car.

    I haven't much of an idea on how the trim comes apart at the back of the roof/hatchback interface. Seems like a good idea to remove the trim and epoxy a washer and nut on the inside of the sheet metal after drilling the requisite holes.

    Maybe the holes are there on the ZX3? Or maybe it depends on the date of manufacture? Reminds me of the cabin air filter... Ford could do so much better with attention to detail. Instead, Yakima gets a Ford Part No.? Bizarre.

    4/25/2004 Addendum (Early evening)

    Google News: "The rack part no. is YS4Z6155100AA. There is a separate part of the bike rail: YS4Z6155100BA."

    4/25/2004 Addendum (Late evening)

    The link below indicates that the 2002 ZX3s have the "hole" at the rear of the roof for the Kona rack, but it's plugged. The ZX5s have the indentation like the SVT. What it takes to actually attach the rack is still not clear to me. The group below seems like a good place for Kona owners... of which I am not one.
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    Ford of Europe Rack ordered from BAT

    Responding to my own post/query/plea for help.

    Seem BAT Inc. offers the Ford of Europe roof rack that will fit some, but not all ZX3s and SVTs. The fixtures are in place above the sidedoors and in the rear for the 2002 SVT (mine anyway) as they were stamped and manufactured according to European specs. The later model SVTs may not be roof-rack ready.

    I verified the presence of a pair of bolt holes (threaded inserts present) above each door. I knocked out some body filler in the rear for the two holes (one on each side) for the rack rear mounting point. Should prove to be an easy install. And, the rack can be removed w/o the drama of Yakima or Thule products.

    Hope this helps someone someday someway.

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